The ultimate 6x6x6 speedcube guide

This guide is intended to provide a definitive answer as to what the best 6x6x6 speedcube is for you, while that may be very opinionated we hope to help you decide what is best for your preferences and price-range.

Our recommendations are based on feedback, reviews and years of experience in speedcubing.

there are some things to bear in mind when choosing a 6x6x6 though:

pops: all 6x6x6s pop occasionally, we would recommend that beginners tighten the tensions to prevent this, 6x6x6s can be quite difficult to rebuild but if its just one piece that has come out it is easy to put it back in, if one of the inner pieces comes out then you will have to take it apart a bit to put the piece back in.

corner cutting: 6x6x6s will not have 45° corner cutting and will never be as smooth as the best 2x2x2s-5x5x5s.

Lubrication: 6x6x6s essentially require regular lubrication to maintain speed, they can become pretty slow pretty easily.

YJ MGC 6x6x6 magnetic 6x6 speedcube UK STOCK |

budget options

YJ YuShi V2M magnetic 6x6x6 speedcube UK STOCK |

The YuShi V2M is essentially the budget version of the AoShi GTSM despite being made by a different company, you can swap pieces out between the two and it is still a speedcube. Despite this, the few small changes they have made to it have definitely reduced friction as well as the price making it arguably a better speedcube despite the lower price. It lacks slightly in corner cutting but that should not be a problem as you should be turning accurately on 6x6x6s but it is definitely an excellent option for beginners, the magnets help to ensure stability too.

The YuXin Little Magic 6x6x6 M is essentially YuXin's flagship 6x6x6, it is a bit scratchy but still quite fast and stable but the friction can definitely be felt. It has medium strength magnets and very good corner cutting (although that shouldn't really be necessary). It is definitely a very nice budget 6x6x6 although I would suggest that the YuShi V2M is better.

Best options

The YJ MGC 6x6x6 is generally regarded as the best 6x6x6 on the market used by most fast speedcubers, it comes with fast, very smooth turning, in many ways it is what cubes such as the AoShi GTSM should have been but failed to be. The layers all have a similar speed and the corner cutting is as good as is needed

Other options

MoYu AoShi GTS M magnetic 6x6x6 speedcube UK STOCK |

The Aoshi GTSM was once an excellent 6x6x6 but had a bit too much friction in the layers and was essentially superseded by the MGC.

x-man Shadow magnetic 6x6x6 speedcube

The X-Man Shadow was revolutionary when released as it was the first mass produced magnetic 6x6x6 and was a significant improvement on other cubes at the time. It is pretty stable but also a bit slow which is why most fast speedcubers have switched to the MGC.

What to avoid

You may find some other cubes even cheaper than the budget options we recommend, we would not recommend these as they will be non-magnetic, cube such as the Meilong 6x6x6, QiFan 6x6x6 or the MF6 are really horrible speedcubes as they are pretty stiff and not smooth or fast. We should also mention the ShengShou MrM 6x6x6, this is an absolutely horrendous 6x6x6, it is not even fully magnetic and was essentially some rubbish design from years back that they chucked magnets in, avoid at all costs!