Millhouse Gibbons-Paul

Name: Milhouse Gibbons-Paul
Age: 16
WCA ID: 2017GIBB01
Main events: Skewb, 2x2, Pyraminx, 3x3, 3c3 one handed
Social media: YouTube, Facebook
Biggest cubing Accomplishment: coming in 3rd place in both Skewb and 2x2 at the Every Event Eire 2020, Dublin, Ireland.
Upcoming competitions: 
More about me: I am Milhouse Gibbons-Paul, a speedcuber from Chard (Somerset), and I mostly practice 3x3, 3x3 one-handed, Pyraminx, Skewb and 2x2.
I am interested in improving my times for 3x3 and 3x3 one-handed. I am about to start Yeovil College in September and will be looking to starting a Cubing Club once I am settled in there.
Other than Speedcubing I enjoy 'Magic the Gathering', Dungeons and Dragons and Chess. I am interested in Computing and Philosophy.