Owen Morisson

Name: Owen Morrison

Age: 13

Role in speedcubing.org: Sponsoree

WCA ID: 2017MORR06

Main Events: 3x3, Megaminx

Social Media: Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRplVuAdPb2hX8RdPntDcWg/videos?view_as=subscriber

Upcoming Competitions:

My name is Owen Morrison, I am a Christian, and a speedcuber from Nashville, Tennessee, USA. The events I practice the most are Megaminx and 3x3. I also do a little bit of 4x4, 5x5, Clock, and OH. My goal is to be world class for most of these events, and to be in the top 10 for average in Megaminx. My Youtube Channel is rather new, but I am trying to grow it by uploading videos more often. I'm also planning on posting frequently on Instagram in the future. My biggest accomplishment in my Cubing career is a sub 35 Megaminx single, Which would be 17th in the world if I got it in a competition. I am currently working on being fast with the YruRU method for one handed solving, and memorizing all of Megaminx OLL and PLL algorithms. Another hobby I enjoy is disc golf, which I play a lot of when it is nice outside.