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Lubest Pro 20ml

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LUBEST PRO ™ is a continuation of the success of XMT 10. It was created as a result of many tests and many months of searching. LUBEST PRO ™ is a silicone lubricant with a higher viscosity than XMT 10, providing a very fast and smooth performance. The high viscosity and special formula ensures very long-lasting operation and allows better lubrication of high-pressure elements, such as springs and even rings in even layered cubes. The grease significantly reduces static friction, while limiting the maximum speed of the cube, which improves control and ensures smooth movement.

Ideally suited for mixing with other silicone lubricants.

Please note that this product does not have English packaging, a translation of the information on the packaging is available below:

Lubest pro is a professional silicone-based lubricant for speedcubers, it has a  very high viscosity, it reduces friction and makes cubes faster while ensuring the cube is very smooth. Specially selected ingredients ensure the lubricant will last a long time. Lubest pro can be mixed with other silicone based lubricants.

Method of use:
Pour some into the cube and start playing with it to spread the lubricant around it. The amount of lubricant needed to achieve the effects depends on the puzzle.