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MoYu MoFang JiaoShi RS2M 2x2x2 speedcube
Despite the rather bad naming scheme that MoYu have been trapped into using, we do hope this will be an excellent cube, it is the standard 2x2x2 size of 50mm and comes with the same accessories that the RS3M 2020 and RS4M come with. Although we have not received the RS4M yet, it appears to be an opposite feel to the Meilong 4x4x4 M
from the few reviews we have so far. This suggests that the RS2M will be rather similar, although the meilong 2x2x2 M does not exactly have any features far out of the ordinary, I often say that it is the middle ground between the smoothness of the QiYi MS 2x2x2 and the YuXin Little Magic 2x2x2 M, this makes it rather interesting to guess what the RS2M will feel like. It is really difficult to know, I hope it will be a great budget 2x2x2 but we will have to wait and see.
why the name is stupid:
MF3RS - released early 2017, 3x3x3
MF3RS2 - released late 2017, 3x3x3 - not a 2x2x2
MF3RS3/3M - released early 2019, 3x3x3
cut off the MF3 as it is pointless, fair enough?*
RS3M 2020 - released mid 2020, 3x3x3
but now...
RS4M - released late 2020, 4x4x4 - not another 3x3x3 as would be expected
RS2M - will be released late 2020, 2x2x2 - not another 3x3x3 as would be expected.
MoYu will get away with it obviously but it is still not a great naming scheme for cubes.
*the original MF3 was a horrible cube anyway...


Yes, we do probably mention the name too much however I feel its something to mention quickly, I don’t have the cube yet so cannot say how good it is without having tried it. Sadly more recent reviews suggest it may not be very good but I will have to wait and see.

Daniel Evans

Seems like a decent 2×2 . I saw some reviews on yt and they all seemed to suggest that it isn’t the best . I heard it has heavy mags which is surprising. Anyway most people will recommend the qiyi ms over this I think


Wait what. The blog speaks too much about the name which actually doesn’t matter at all
And yeah this ain’t the best cube for sure . And yeah also this blog ain’t the best too


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