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  • YJ MGC 5x5x5
  • QiYi Smart timer
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  • MoYu RS Pyraminx standard
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    Graham Siggins solves 288 cubes blindfolded!
    Graham Siggins solves 288 cubes blindfolded!

    American speedcuber Graham Siggins recently attempted to solve 300 cubes blindfolded, he has previously...

    How long do speed cubers get to look at the cube?
    How long do speed cubers get to look at the cube?

    In official competitions, there is an inspection time period given before the solve begins....

    MeiLong Megaminx V2M unboxing
    MeiLong Megaminx V2M unboxing

    The MoYu MeiLong Megaminx V2M is a new megaminx from MoYu,...


    speedcubing is solving twisty puzzles as fast as you can, speedcubers love to try out new and exciting puzzles and try to solve them faster than everyone else! The best speedcubers in the world can solve the most popular puzzle, the 3x3, in around 5 seconds on average!

    I would be doing a massive disservice if I just said x cube is the best for everyone, the best cube varies on your turning style, hand size and many other factors, if you need some advice you can contact me or look at my reviews and unboxing videos.

    There are many tutorials around the internet, I even have my own here, just be patient and try to follow along and you should quickly learn to solve a cube (and then wonder how to solve a bigger puzzle!). The most common methods for solving the 3x3 begin with solving a cross and matching the edges to the centres, then you can proceed to solving the corners and 2nd layer edges and then finally move onto the last layer. is located in the UK and is the only UK store to be run by a genuinely competitive speedcuber, other stores are either not actually based in the UK or run by people who don't actually know much about cubing.

    The UK cube association runs regular competitions around the UK, many of which I sponsor and have a stall at, you can find one near you at

    I do offer international shipping, however please be extra careful to ensure your address is correct and findable and you are aware of any local tax/import laws.