speedcubing.org, UK speedcube store/twisty puzzle shop

 We are Speedcubing.org, a new cube store and puzzle shop based in the UK with the aim of bringing cubers high quality puzzles at low prices. Everyone who works here is a Speedcuber and regularly competes in cubing competitions. we understand the difficulties of buying speedcubes. Do I try to find the cube as cheap as possible but sacrifice customer service? Or should I go for good customer services but at high prices? We have all asked these questions and here at speedcubing.org we are here to solve it. We offer good customer service and low prices. We don't just want to help you get cubes though, we also want to help you in your overall journey as a speedcuber, that's why we offer tutorials and advice in the improvement zone, you can always talk to us about how to get faster and what cube to get... Have a look at our cubes and as always, keep cubing.