How to set up a cubing club

To start a successful cubing club you need a room for it to take place, find a teacher and ask them to let you use their room, you can ensure them that they don't actually need to do anything!

To gain members (although we strongly discourage any official membership system) you need to first see if there are any other Cubers in your school, they should be the first to join, then you can go round impressing other students in your school with your cubing ability to gain more interest.

You should print out a lot of copies of our solution guides (if you contact us, we can send you printer friendly versions) so that you can give one to anyone who shows an interest, hopefully they'll learn to solve the puzzle they are interested in and attend your club.

We recommend that you then sell cubes in your club and at other times if people ask (make sure you have the teachers permission for this), this prevents them buying bad cubes or having to wait for them, cubing club owners can receive a 50% discount on the following products:

Meilong 2x2x2

Meilong 3x3x3

Qiyi warrior S

Meilong 3c

Meilong 4x4x4

Meilong 5x5x5

Meilong pyraminx

If you would like to register as a cubing club owner then contact us at

If your cubing club is successful then you may want to contact your school's PTA to request some funding for some resources such as 


Cubes to borrow

If we don't have the stock you can easily make a request and we will seek to get them in quickly.


We recommend that you seek to leave the room in a tidy state to prevent the teacher being annoyed with you.

We recommend that you use cubing club as a platform to advertise upcoming competitions.