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How to set up a cubing club

Many students want to see a cubing club regularly take place in school, school can be a great place to introduce friends to speedcubing, a club can provide a fun time to relax and cube with friends and other speedcubers around the school.

Teachers are often supportive of speedcubing as it is thought to be mathematical, being a good speedcuber requires the ability to memorize many algorithms and instantly recall them when the case comes up, it also improves finger dexterity and allows people who may not be as sociable as other students to find something they are passionate about.

So if you want to actually start up your own cubing club it shouldn't be too difficult.

1. Find some friends who already enjoy speedcubing and suggest the idea to them, chances are that they will also be enthusiastic and want it to happen, especially in a school setting where lunchtimes are free but you have to remain on the school site.

2. Find a teacher who lets you use their room. In most schools there are a variety of lunchtime clubs that take place in various teacher's classrooms, so just find a day that is free and use it.

3. Advertise - you can do this through a variety of means, schools are often covered in posters advertising various clubs and groups, find the most prominent locations and put posters there that will attract attention. You can also advertise simply by demonstrating cubing to younger students, when they see this they are likely to have a desire to do it for themselves.

4. Provide solution guides and support to students looking to learn to solve a cube. There are obviously various youtube videos out there, you can also request physical solution guides from me.

5. Get hold of sample cubes and timers - you may be able to submit a funding request to your school's PTA for equipment which I am happy to negotiate discounts on for cubing clubs.

6. Have fun with it - when you are responsible for running the club you need to still enjoy doing it because if you don't then other people probably won't, and if you don't keep coming then other people won't.