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Pyraminx written tutorial

Step 1: buy a good pyraminx
How to solve a pyraminx meme
There are many pyraminxes around that simply are not up to standard; if your pyraminx cannot turn a face 90° with one flick then it is not up to standard. 
Buying a better pyraminx is an important step if your pyraminx is not up to standard as using a bad pyraminx will be detrimental to your future speed.
Recommended Pyraminxes:
budget option: QiYi QiMing S3 (£5)
budget magnetic option: MoYu RS Standard (£8)
Best for most people: MoYu WeiLong Standard (£13)
The very best: PiCube Core magnetic MoYu WeiLong Pyraminx (£40)
Step 2: learn the notation
You need to learn the following notation:
Pyraminx basic notation for solution guide
Step 3: correct the tips
Simply match all 4 tips up with the bits below
pyraminx tip correction for solution guide
Step 4: move all the ‘corners’ into place
This step is easy so instruction is unnecessary
pyraminx first step to match all corners in place for solution guide
Step 5: insert the edges
Decide which colour to call your top layer and hold it at the top.
Move whichever edge you want to move in so that it is underneath the slot you want it to go into then rotate the pyraminx so the ‘top’ layer is at the bottom. 
if the piece you want to insert is to the right, do:
Pyraminx edge insertion algorithm for solution guide
if the piece you want to insert is to the left, do:
Pyraminx edge insertion algorithm for solution guide
Step 6: correct the final 3 edges
There are 5 possible cases, just learn them all instead of messing around:
Pyraminx last step algorithms for solution guide
Your pyraminx should now be solved.
What next?
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