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How to be an effective runner at speedcubing competitions

While they use the term 'runner', actual running is generally discouraged, you might as well walk fast though, organisers want to keep things on schedule so the faster things go, the better, as long as the regulations are followed.

As a runner, you must go to the scrambling table and take a cube cover with a scrambled cube and the scorecard inside, you must then go to the waiting area and call the name of the competitor, if their name is hard to pronounce just give it a go, chances are that they have already heard every weird pronunciation. Once the competitor responds they should follow you, you must then take the cube cover to a judge, give it to the judge and make sure that the competitor has gone to the correct judge. On your way back to the scrambling table, check to see whether there are any cube covers that need returning to the scrambling table (the judge should be holding these up in the air), if there are then take them back with you. You can take multiple cube covers at once and call multiple competitors but don't get carried away, it is better to do one fast then two really slowly.

For blindfolded events you are not allowed to speak so you have to try to find the competitor silently, it is advisable that you only run for rounds of blindfolded events if you have some experience competing and know a few people who you are likely to be finding, if you do not recognise the name then take the scorecard out (but make sure the cube itself is not visible to anyone) and go round the competitors showing the name on the scorecard until you find the competitor you need, then quietly take the cover to the judge.

It should also be mentioned that the role of running and judging are merged together at some competitions.