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speedcubing tuition

I am now offering speedcubing tuition for 3x3x3 and bigger cubes using CFOP and reduction and beginner variants where necessary.

Often the most important things to teach are F2L technique with many newer cubers using very inefficient F2L pair solutions, other important things to learn are OLL and PLL algorithms, ensuring you learn the best ones available and can fingertrick them well.

With over 100,000 3x3x3 solves of experience and a national championship podium in 7x7x7, I believe I can provide a useful teaching service to speedcubers ranging from beginners to 15-20 second averages and equivalent on bigger cubes!

Please note that to become faster at speedcubing practice is required, you cannot simply turn up to a lesson and expect to improve without practicing between lessons (just like music lessons).

You can view my 'CV' here!

My rates: I offer 30 minute lessons at £10 per lesson, I recommend one lesson per week but am flexible on that, I may also be able to offer different length lessons or solve critiques on request.

If you are interested then please inquire at