MoYu RS3M 2020

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The RS3M 2020 is our most popular product, it is widely regarded as the best budget 3x3x3 and features elasticity adjustment as well as the standard screw for tensioning. The magnets are quite weak but still noticeable. It is better with the Neutrino set up.



Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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A Good Starting Cube

For the price this is fantastic! If you're thinking of getting in to cubing then this is a very good place to start.

Altaf Dobani ez
Great product

Great product

David Juszczyk
Great cube but a minor issue

This cube is great overall I don't know much about cubes since I'm new to speedcubing but it does have a lot of spring noise that develops. Quite quickly might I add. Mine started doing this about 5 minutes out the box.

Gary Adams
MOYURS3M - 2020

Great service, super quick delivery and an excellent cube for a very competitive price. What's not to like?

Brian O'Connell
First speedcube

I have no comparison against other speedcubers but as a beginner i a very happy with this cube. I have only ever used Rubik brand cubes and the difference in learning to speedsolve is night and day. I would happily recommend...and have recommended this for a friend to get for her son. Also great service on the site.