MoYu RS3M 2020

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The RS3M 2020 is our most popular product, it is widely regarded as the best budget 3x3x3 and features elasticity adjustment as well as the standard screw for tensioning. The magnets are quite weak but still noticeable. It is better with the Neutrino set up.



Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Jacob Walton
Best budget cube I've ever had

It's really fast but controllable at the same time because of the magnet strength. It also feels smooth when turning and the the options to change the screw strength and spring compression give it a more-than-a-ten-pound-cube feel. A great cube and I highly recommend

Sebastian Cook

Great service

michael Brown

i really liked it and its smooth turning but i lost it on a bus :(

Zac Blumenthal

I got this cube because I needed a speed 3x3 and I am BLOWN AWAY. I cannot belive this cube is only £10.00. Great service aswell cube came very quickly

Noah W.
Very good value for money!

I bought this product 14 days ago and am loving it! This is the first speedcube I've ever owned. I found out about it from recommendations from Youtubers, they said it was fast turning and great value for money- I can tell you they didn't lie. The only reason I gave this product a 4 star review (instead of 5) was because of the magnets, yes the product did only cost me £10, an insanely good price for what you get. However, just in case, I would recommend buying the extra pack of magnets to add to your cube (something I wish I had done).