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Unboxing more old cubes you probably don't care about but I do!

In this video I unbox quite a few old cubes that are not up to the standard of todays puzzles but fill gaps in my collection to show the evolution of speedcubes, I first unbox the QiYi WuXia, QiYi's 2017 flagship 2x2x2 that is not too bad compared to modern day cubes, I suspect with magnets it would be pretty competitive. I then unbox the FangShi ShiShuang which is a very weird 2x2x2 as it is 55mm in size which is only slightly smaller than most 3x3x3s today, I cannot imagine anyone liking a 55mm 2x2x2. I then get on to the FangShi ShaungRen v1 and v2, both cubes have very good anti-pop mechanisms and probably contributed significantly to the standard expectation that 3x3x3s basically will not pop today unless you want them to. I then go onto the DaYan LingYun, DaYan's 3rd 3x3x3 release, what I suspect was an attempt to improve on the DaYan GuHong but it largely failed to do so, it may also be the first time torpedoes have been used. Finally I unbox two old MoYu 5x5x5s; the Huanchuang and the WeiChuang GTS, I suspect these were decent for their time but certainly don't stack up against even the non-magnetic budget cubes today such as the meilong 5x5x5 and QiZheng S.

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