What is so good about the RS3M 2020?

Sep 29, 2020

The RS3M 2020 has been our best selling product on the store for a while (excluding market stalls) and the question is what makes it so good?

The RS3M is just £10 which makes it a budget magnetic cube, however there are other cubes which are magnetic and only cost £8 such as the QiYi MS, Meilong M and YuXin Little Magic M. The thing that makes the RS3M different is that it comes with elasticity adjustment and has a high reputation, it is regularly recommended by many cubers on many different platforms making it very popular, whether it is actually the best has now become irrelevant. It is certainly an excellent option but if you are interested in getting it you might want to consider the following too:


Has a bit of a bumpy feeling but is actually pretty nice.

Meilong M

Feels pretty similar to the RS3M 2020 as it is from the same manufacturer, a bit slower and without the elasticity adjustment capability but a very nice cube

YuXin Little Magic M

Not just the magnetic version of the original YuXin Little Magic, retains the snappy feeling but with improved design and thus, performance. Review coming soon on YouTube.

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