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YJ MGC 4x4x4 (magnetic 4x4 Speedcube)

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The YJ MGC 4x4 is our most popular 4x4x4 speedcube, it is from the well regarded YJ MGC series, it is stable and moderately fast and used by many top speedcubers, the cube is fast and has a moderate magnetic feel to meet the desires of the majority of speedcubers, it is the sort of cube that you can't really go wrong with as it has performance similar to the top 4x4x4 options but is almost half the price.



Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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A little tight out of the box, but is highly fast, and smoothe. i WOULD USE THIS IN A COMPETION. iT DOES LOCK UP A BIT ON M SLICES, BUT OVERALL, REALLY, REALLY, GOOD CUBE! BUY!

Daniel Kidd
Great cube, enjoyable to use

I got this as a replacement for an old 4x4 that exploded, and it was fantastic and dropped my pb by 40 seconds within the first few solves, very smooth turning even without lube. I recommend to beginners like me and probably also faster people but I’m not one so I can’t say much about it from that point of view

Get what you pay for

Underwhelming cube - feels cheap, doesn’t move well. Pay a bit more and get a better cube.

Thank you for your review, I would just like to make you aware that there are some quality control issues with the mgc 4x4 and sometimes it doesn't perform as well as other times, if you get a bad one then it can usually be significantly approved by applying some fast silicone based lubricant to the springs.

Alex Smith
New main

Fast and smooth out of the box. The corner cutting is not great but you can just loosen it a bit. I dropped my average by 5 seconds. Would definitely get this over the zhisu mini.

Decent out of the box, but better after setup

When you combine price and quality, the YJ MGC definitely dominates the 4x4 market. At the same time, it is a little tight and dry out of the box, catching quite a bit during turns. I know from experience though that the cube is better after break-in and lubing, so I’d recommend either lubing it yourself to make it faster and give it a pleasant plush feeling, or pay just £4 extra for Daniel’s Angstrom setup, which in my opinion is definitely worth it (I regret not doing it this time), especially for beginners who don’t want to deal with setting up and just want to solve their puzzles fast!