YJ MGC square-1

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The YJ MGC square-1 is the latest addition the MGC series which has cemented itself as a great series of mid-price speedcubes with some such as the MGC 6x6 probably being the best on the market. The square-1 should perform similarly well.

Customer Reviews

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Bailey Lawlor
Good squan

Very good and also good magnets

Chris Davis
Wonderful Cube

I heard about this Square-1 before and I knew it was one of the best ones on the market, so I decided to get it for my first ever Square-1. The magnets inside Square-1s play an even bigger role because of how accurate you’re turning compared to regular cubes. The cube was so supportive when I was learning all of these tricky algs for it. Not even 2 weeks after getting it, I got a 47. I highly recommend this cube to Square-1 solvers new and old. Also at just under £20 too. I will never regret this decision!


This is an amazing square-1! Scratchy turning and spring noise out of the box but after setup was easily my main! Would recommend.