Do you want to be sponsored by Speedcubing.org? Well you're in the right place, all you have to do is fill out a form and see if you get in.


1. You must have been to an official WCA competition

2. You must not already be sponsored by any other cube store

3. If you do get sponsored you must seek to attend as many cubing competitions as possible and wear a Speedcubing.org t-shirt at them (if we have given you one)

4.  You must link speedcubing.org in all social media posts.

Benefits you will get from being sponsored:

1.You will be given a 5% discount code and will get 5% commission on every sale it is used on.

2. You will have a 15% discount code for personal use.

3. You may sometimes get sent cubes but it will not be often and you shouldn't ask for them.

The form: Get Sponsored HERE