Neutrino Magnetic Meilong 3x3x3

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This cube is hand magnetised and setup with Angstrom lubricants by us here at, this greatly improves the performance as the magnets make it much more stable and reduces lockups. Furthermore the Angstrom lubricants give it a smooth but fast feel which we hope will make you enjoy solving more. This cube is not mass produced with magnets so we feel we have to add them for you as it is a great cube and even better with magnets. If you want a high quality setup magnetic cube with a low price we highly recommend this as it is on par with other top speedcubes and at a lower price than the aforementioned cubes.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great Cube

This cube arrived set up really well, the magnets feel just right... Totally recommend this cube to anyone... Great job Daniel, cheers...

MeiLong M

A relatively cheap 3x3 with incredibly fast and fluid turning. This is my 3x3 main although I own many 'better', more expensive ones, I perform the best on this. I also use this cube for blindsolving, as with the magnets I feel I make less execution errors, you can really feel every turn. Amazing for the price, would recommend to all.

John smith
Very nice cube

The mei long m is very good value, it is my main for oh as I love the strong magnets in mine

Amazing budget option

The MeiLong 3x3 is very good when setup and magnetised. I enjoy it very much for BLD and is also good for 3x3 and OH. Definitely worth the money for the base, or buy the setup from the store for not much more. Would definitely recommend.

Very good

This is 10 pound for a good set up magnetic cube definitely a good buy for learners