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The MoYu RS2M is a promising 2x2x2 under MoYu's Cubing Classroom line, it is similar in design and feel to the RS3M 2020, it is a nice 2x2x2 with a distinctly different feel from the Meilong 2x2x2 M.

Customer Reviews

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Neil Hellewell
Moyu RS2M HeavyWeight.

Very nice 2 x 2 magnetic Cube from Moyu. This cube is the heaviest 2 x 2 I have tried. The magnets are medium / strong which is great in my opinion. It has a satin finish, and feels nice to grip while solving. The weight takes a bit of time to get used to, but is probably a positive feature to the Cube overall. Turning is smooth especially after a few drops of Lube, it doesn't lock up and corner cutting feels fine to me.

Igor Maga
Very nice cube

the cube is great, has magnets and the corner cutting just blows me away!
the only downside is the sound, it can be quite loud sometimes (even when you lube it) so if you want a quieter cube then i would go with the qiyi ms (the only thing the qiyi ms lacks is good corner cutting)
but overall, its an excellent cube!