MoYu WeiLong Pyraminx magnetic

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This is MoYu's last big release of 2021 is their first competitive pyraminx in many years! It is pretty fast and comes with the adjustable magnet settings, this version comes with standard screws and springs installed, the Maglev version is available here.


This pyraminx was used by Michael Nielsen in his 1.64 world record average.

sponsoree speedygonecuber reviews both versions here:

Customer Reviews

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best pryaminx ever!

A very fast cube, luby out of the box, but after a few solves a controllble cube, plus lube rubs off a bit, making the puzzle controllble. this puzzle is my new main, broke all my pbs with it, must buy!

But it will pop rarely.

Rafi Niman
Incredible pyraminx!

Since I unboxed the MoYu Weilong Pyraminx, it has always been a very controllable and fast cube. This pyraminx is brilliant as it allows you to adjust the magnets and tensions to your personal preference, which is very helpful. The Weilong Magnetic is a smooth pyraminx with phenomenal corner-cutting and stability. I have broken many of my personal bests on this pyraminx since it's very fast and reliable. This pyraminx is a fantastic value, so I would highly recommend it!