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YJ MGC 5x5x5

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the YJ MGC 5x5x5 is a very popular 5x5x5, it is probably the fastest major option at a reasonable stability, it retains the feeling of the general MGC big cube line.

size: 62.3mm

weight: 135.9g





Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
N Jain
YJ MGC 5x5

The 5x5 is a really nice cube with good turn speed and the magnets are medium strength working well for most turning style I would definitely recommend to everyone.

Josh Peacock
Brilliant for a noobie!

Great value for money, my first 5x5 having only learnt to solve a 3x3 earlier this year. Cube feels great, very slick movement and fairly stable as long as you dont man handle it, it moves very smoothly. Great product, and quick shipping!

Theo Hall
Incredible; Brilliant price

The cube has no matte finish and the colours are bright and contrast each other well. The cube is 63mm which I have found to be a great size. The cube is very fast and easy to turn, and is very smooth. I used gravitas and dignitas lube on the core then dnm-37 and mystic on the pieces.
The cube has fairly good corner-cutting but does lock up occasionally, which is to be expected of a 5x5. I've had one or two pops, but after tightening it slightly that hasn't been an issue.
I would recommend this for any level of solving, I think everyone should buy this cube. If you are really advanced there are cubes that could be considered better such as the Valk 5, but that is just personal preference and this cube competes with the best despite the brilliant price.

Amazing cube

To begin with as mentioned in all reviews I've seen the tensions were much too loose. My solution (which is what i do for essentially all my new cubes) is to tighten/loosen a side to my liking and from there pull apart the centers and try to make the distance from the center equal for each side when i pull.
This cubes definite best attribute is it's speed which is why I chose slow it down by using traxxas 50k (a heavy lube but any lube of that nature does just fine). This cubes outer layers are very fast (as mentioned prior) and have medium/light magnets adding said factor. The middle layers seem quite a bit slower gaining much smoother turning with only slightly stronger magnets somewhere around strong/medium.
Despite being very fast I feel there is next to no sacrifice on stability - which I have very little clue on how to explain. Stability has never felt like an issue when solving though I have seen (when i was on a looser setting than now) middle layer turning can sometimes cause lock ups if your only focusing on how fast you turn neglecting accuracy of said turns.
My consensus on these factors is that this 5x5 feels like it couldn't get much better and the valk 5 is too much to justify a small upgrade (when I'm sure from my experience this far it could be debated if the valk 5 is at all an upgrade) so for people looking to get into 5x5. Get this cube. It is amazing and i feel if you where to do as I recommend you would never have to upgrade if set up propery.