Cubes to expect from DianSheng in February

Posted by Daniel Evans on

Chinese New Year is now over so cube manufacturers are back at work producing cubes and hopefully releasing many new ones, it may be a few weeks before we see what is actually coming but I have word from DianSheng that a magnetic 12x12x12 will be coming soon, it will be interesting to see the price on this, if it is not significantly more than the YuXin HuangLong then it will be difficult to justify getting anything else just to save a small amount. I also expect them to release a magnetic gigaminx soon, however, this is likely to be around twice the price of the YuXin so only a few people will want it. DianSheng also released a new solar S3M just before Chinese New Year but I have not been able to get hold of it just yet, hopefully it will be in stock in the next few weeks. 


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