Daily 3x3x3 solve reconstruction #6 5/6/2021

Jun 5, 2021

In this series of blog posts I will endeavour to post a daily 3x3x3 solve reconstruction.

Scamble: D B2 L2 D2 R' D2 F L U R2 B L2 B' D2 B2 R2 U2 L2 B' L2

Cube used: Meilong 3x3x3

Inspection: X'

Cross: B' U' F' U F' L

F2L #1: Y' U2 R U' R' L U2 L'

F2L #2: U' R' U' R U' L' U' L

F2L #3: Y U L' U2 L U L' U' L

F2L #4: U2 R U R' U2 R U R' U' R U R'

Rather high movecount in F2L but many of the solutions are pretty fast.

ZBLL: U' F R' F' r U R U' r' U

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