MoYu WeiLong WRM 2021

MoYu WeiLong WRM 2021

Jun 11, 2021

The new MoYu WeiLong WRM 2021 has been released, unfortunately I probably will not be able to stock it until late June but I expect it to be a very nice 3x3x3. It is the first MoYu Flagship to come with multiple magnet strength options (The YeuXiao EDM also had multiple options but I think this cube is largely obsolete now and was never a flagship). Once I get this cube I will definitely try it out and review it. It appears to have a very similar magnetic adjustment system to the Tornado V2 with the five magnet strength options.

From MoYu on YouTube: Be sure to check more of its features:👇👇👇 ① An all-round flagship, with 5-level magnets adjustment and 9-level elasticity adjustment. A total of 45 combinations of feel. Adjust everything to your own liking. ② 55mm compact size, more controllable, easier to hold and grip. ③ Magnetic positioning technology to provide a good turning experience. ④ Creative dual adjustment system, unique 9-level dual adjustment design on the tensioning, you can adjust the elasticity on your own preference. ⑤ New anti-sticky design, reducing the contact surface and improving its lifespan. ⑥ Multi-track torpedo, making the cube more stable and has a better anti-pop performance.

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