Voiceover review YJ MGC 5x5

Posted by Daniel Evans on

Thank you to sponsoree Theo Hall for making this review

Incredible; Brilliant price

The cube has no matte finish and the colours are bright and contrast each other well. The cube is 63mm which I have found to be a great size. The cube is very fast and easy to turn, and is very smooth. I used gravitas and dignitas lube on the core then dnm-37 and mystic on the pieces.
The cube has fairly good corner-cutting but does lock up occasionally, which is to be expected of a 5x5. I've had one or two pops, but after tightening it slightly that hasn't been an issue.
I would recommend this for any level of solving, I think everyone should buy this cube. If you are really advanced there are cubes that could be considered better such as the Valk 5, but that is just personal preference and this cube competes with the best despite the brilliant price.

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