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Voiceover Review YJ MGC 4x4

Thank you to sponsoree Theo Hall for making this review

Competes with the best, but probably not the best

The cube comes with not matte finish and the colours and bright and contrast each other well. The cube is 60mm wide which is slightly bigger than I'd like, but not too bad. The cube's corner cutting is pretty good, there are areas you can't turn and this occasionally leads to lock ups, but not often and with accurate turning this isn't a problem.
The cube is fairly fast and slightly clicky while turning. I set it up with gravitas and dignitas on the core, then dnm-37 and mystic on the pieces to make it smooth and fast, however there are times when the cube feels like there is too much friction.
I would recommend for any level, however intermediate to advanced solvers might want to consider the WRM. 4/5

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