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From April 1st, 1x1x1 is to become a new WCA event. While most people are probably correct to think this is a very crazy thing to be announced but surprisingly, it is what is happening! The WCA committee have agreed that it will improve cubers dexterity, will reduce the upfront cost of hardware and ensure timers are very accurate. The WCA have confirmed that Speedstacks G5 timers must be used for 1x1x1 events, a few speedcubing companies have already released 1x1x1s ahead of it becoming an official event, these including the MGC 1x1x1, the MoYu 1x1x1 and the MoFang JiaoShi 1x1x1. Gan have also said they will be releasing a maglev 1x1x1 very soon.

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