ShengShou '5x5' clock

ShengShou '5x5' clock

Jan 26, 2022

So much for people asking whether clock should be a WCA event!

ShengShou have now decided to release a bigger clock with 11 clocks and only 5 pins and gears! I have a feeling that the solution is going to be very similar to the standard clock which they are now referring to as a '4x4 clock' however I am a bit concerned there may be unexpected parities or something. The QiYi Clock has essentially obliterated all the competition but the ShengShou clock has essentially became a clear runner up and has a much lower price tag, what is more with this new clock is that it is also magnetic just like the ShengShou clock so it should perform well. I hope to receive stock of this new clock in the next few days.

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