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Solving the 1CM tiny 3x3x3 cube blindfolded

Story went a bit like this: Patrick Dwyer suggested I challenge Ben Stokes to do this, I challenge Ben Stokes to do it and he refuses, he says that he cannot so I am like 'I reckon I could do it, it may take a long time', a few days later and I do it. It took 4 attempts to get a success and the final one was the fastest, the first one I think I messed up a few algorithms and decided to switch to the RUL J Perm as it is easier to do consistently on such a tiny cube, my second and third attempts were both off by 3 corners on the top layer and then on the 4th attempt I finally did it all correctly. Theoretically the memorization shouldn't really be much slower but I wanted to be very careful to ensure I knew it all really well.

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