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This is NOT just a DaYan XiangYun unboxing

The DaYan XiangYun seems like a reasonable 3x3x3 especially when compared to some older cubes but it clearly did not meet the standard expected by early 2018 so was basically a big flop, it is even questionable whether it is better than the KungFu QingHong I unboxed in this video which was a budget cube from 2016! I also unboxed the KungFu CangFeng and YueHun which were decent budget cubes for their time, in fact I suspect the CangFeng was the best budget 4x4x4 for 2016 and may have set a new standard of budget 4x4x4s. Unsurprisingly the V-Cube 5 is horrendous but not as bad as some other very old 5x5x5s... I achieved a time of 1:49 on the V-Cube 5 which is not actually as bad as I expected (albeit still about 40 seconds slower than normal!)

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