Which cube does Max Park use?

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Max Park is one of the best speedcubers in the world and holds the tied world record average for 3x3x3 with an average of 4.86 seconds, to achieve this he was using a Tornado V3. He has previously used other cubes, including for a long time various Gan cube options for 3x3x3.

Determing which cubes he uses for other events is difficult, he often does not publicly say, his 6x6x6 world record video appears to be with an Aoshi WRM but there is no logo on the centre piece and it could be an MGC, the video quality is not clear enough to tell. He definitely appears to be using an MGC 7x7x7 in his world record video.

In his 5x5x5 world record video he appears to still be using a Valk 5 which is not even in production anymore, when the Valk 5 was first released he drastically improved the world record average with it but it is not even in production anymore now. It appears he was using an MGC 4x4x4 in his world record average.

The reality is that a lot of this is speculation based on blurry videos but that doesn't really matter, Max Park would be world class with any modern cube and just because he does (or does not) use one specific cube does not mean it will be good for you.

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