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The YJ MGC 7x7x7 continues the trend of excellent 7x7x7s from YJ, it is faster than the spark but possibly a bit less stable, it is still debateable which is the best but the MGC is cheaper so it is probably best to go with the MGC 7x7x7.

Stickerless option available only.


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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David Beddows
MGC 7x7 M

A great cube for a newbie like myself. Turns nicely with the help of the magnets and I wouldn’t change it. Not as smooth as the mgc 5x5 though and you need to learn to be careful not to bust it open. But this makes sense, i.e. the greater the dimension of the cube from 3x3 upwards, the more “corner cutting” has to be removed from the table of consideration. But overall, I have really enjoyed my first 7x7 and now looking forward to buying a 8x8 or 9x9. I am a mgC fan!!!

Russell O
Top Cube

This is a great 7x7, moves really well, magnet strength is spot on, can't help but recommend.

Theo Hall
Incredible; Brilliant price

(I have very little experience with 7x7, take my review with a pinch of salt) This cube has not matte finish and the colours are bright and contrast each other well. The cube feels very fast, and slightly crunchy as it turns. The magnets are a perfect strength, and slightly stronger on the inner layers compared to the outer layers.
it is not very stable, and I have had a few small pops, and when turning quickly, it does lock up occasionally, although that is to be expected of 7x7.
Overall, I would recommend this most levels of 7x7 solving. This is a great cube for a beginner since it turns well and is cheap, but also competes with the top tier 7x7s and I know many top-level solvers use this cube.