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Gan 11 M Pro Black Stickered

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The Gan 11 M Pro was the 2020 flagship 3x3 magnetic speedcube from Gancube, a company famous for creating top-end speedcubes. The 11 M Pro features a design different from previous gan cubes such as the Gan XS and has core-corner magnets along with the standard corner-edge for added stability in the cube. This version is the black stickered version, as opposed to the standard stickerless options

Customer Reviews

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Richard Gandy
Gan 12 stickered.

Does exactly what I wanted to, did consider the cheeper moyo cube.

I'm more convinced the balance of uniform plastic for each tile instead of 54 is better, especially on this cube.

The colour pallet is better. One third is OG the other is neon on black.

I didn't bother changing the settings, didn't bother lubing it, just solved it once then modified the yellow layer removing the stickers out the box. It's my practice cube because I want to demonstrate myself under 1 minute without giving myself an easy cross or a lucky f2l. I haven't done that yet, cheating never made you good at battle royale, same principle.

I've haven't seen these options for the 13 maglev but it seriously should, if you have 54 different tiles, the heat treatment would certainly be different.

Frosted doesn't work for me, it's slippery, my first gan cube was a UV coated 11. But I hated the clear internals.

Mark my words the neon scheme is better as stickered with black instead of tiles as colours and even the UV coating.

Gan should retail this option for the 13 it's not perfect unless it's made that way in my opinion.

Edward Norman

It is a very good cube, out of the box it was crunchy and VERY loose, but I made the elasticity 4 and the blue middle thingy 4 aswell and paired with peres lube it is amazing! But it is expensive