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35.00 3x3x3 fewest moves mean with no practice and no special techniques

At UK championships FMC I competed for my first FMC attempt since failing to speedrun it at Norwich, I have never done any practice outside of competitions and use no special techniques, I just use my knowledge of CFOP and try to do a bit of blockbuilding, essentially finding efficient ways of solving F2L and then seeing what gives me the easiest last layer, in all 3 solves I eventually found something that gave me a PLL skip in one form or the other, some of the time I had to try to mirror and inverse various algorithms to get them to work. If you actually want to get good at FMC then learn special techniques such as NISS and eventually DR but I can't be bothered to do that right now so will stick with using this stuff on the rare occasion I do FMC.

scramble 1: R’ U’ F U’ D’ F’ U’ B2 U’ L D R’ B’ D2 F2 R2 F2 D F2 U’ B2 R’ U’ F solution: L B’ L2 R2 U2 D’ R’ D R’ D R2 B U B’ U’ D’ R’ U B U B’ U’ B U B’ L U2 L2 U’ L2 U’ L2 U2 L

scramble 2: R’ U’ F U R2 F2 D’ F2 U F2 L2 U2 B L D’ U’ B L’ U’ F D R2 D’ R’ U’ F solution: U D L B’ R2 B’ R’ D B L D’ L’ F’ R’ F2 D’ U F’ D U2 R’ U F R F’ D B2 U’ B’ U B U’ B’ U B’ D’ R

scramble 3: R’ U’ F R L D F B U’ L’ D R2 B2 L2 F2 B’ U2 L2 B U2 D2 B’ U2 R’ U’ F solution: B’ U’ F’ D B’ F L’ U F D F’ D’ R L F’ L’ F R’ F2 U F’ U’ R’ U F R2 F U’ F’ U R2 F’ U’ R

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