DianSheng Galaxy magnetic 10x10x10 unboxing + lube + UNR?

Posted by Daniel Evans on

The DianSheng Galaxy 10x10x10 is the world's first mass produced magnetic 10x10x10 speedcube, DianSheng seem intent on continuing to release larger and larger magnetic speedcube puzzles. The 10x10x10 performs just as well as their 8x8x8 and 9x9x9 and allowed me to solve it in significantly less time than I have previously solved 10x10s! I have since got my PB down to 13:45 which is significantly below my previous times on the Meilong/QiYi where I was averaging around 20 minutes. The magnets make the puzzle feel significantly smoother and the cube just feels nicer, obviously it is a 10x10 so some care is still required to ensure the cube does not pop but I feel far more confident trying to turn fast than on cubes like the Meilong or the QiYi and while the YuXin also feels nice, it is way too big for speedsolving! The DianSheng 10x10x10 is only 79mm making it perfectly reasonable for speedsolving, it is a 10x10x10 after all! You can buy it here

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