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I am pleased to announce that I will be selling speedcubes in the St Nicholas Centre in Sutton tomorrow (24/10/20), this proved quite successful last year in the run up to Christmas and hopefully it will be this year too. Many different people have talked to me at market stalls with all sorts of stories and opinions on speedcubes and how difficult it is to solve.

I occasionally meet speedcubers at these events and I generally get them to solve on the professional timing equipment, sometimes in front of others. I try to get children to mess cubes up for me to solve and then enter conversation with them and it has often proved effective. I may try selling skewbs at these events this time as well as there is now a meilong skewb which is available for just £5.

This puts my products at market stalls up to 6:

Meilong 2x2x2

Meilong 3x3x3

Meilong 4x4x4

Meilong 5x5x5

Meilong Pyraminx

Meilong Skewb

I will probably report whether it is worthwhile, it is always nice to see other speedcubers at these events so if anyone wants to come along, you are always welcome.

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