Cube Mile World Record (fastest time to run a mile while solving a 3x3x3 cube before each lap)

Posted by Daniel Evans on

Watch the video for the time! The Cube Mile is a challenge where you must run a mile on an athletics track but solve a 3x3x3 cube before starting each lap, in total that means 4 solves and 4 laps. Thank you to the Loughborough University Athletics Society for letting me use the track and coming out to support. Thank you to the pacers for pacing me with reasonable acceleration so I didn't try to sprint off too fast. I reckon the limits of this record are far far beyond what I have done but as with all records that combine two completely unrelated skills, finding the person who has both to an exceptional level is difficult.

Cubes used:

1. QiYi MP 3x3x3

2. Gan 12 Leap

3. Gan 11 M Pro

4. YJ MGC Evo

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  • Congratulations on the World Record!

    Rafi Niman on

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