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Daily 3x3x3 solve reconstruction #2 1/6/2021

In this series of blog posts I will endeavour to post a daily 3x3x3 solve reconstruction.

Scamble: D L' B U2 R2 B2 D2 U2 F' D2 U2 F' D L B D' U' L2 D2

Cube: Gan 11 M Pro UV Coated

Inspection: Z2 Y2

X-Cross: D' L R' D2

Unfortunately I did not realise that finishing this X-Cross would lead to a very bad F2L case which I must avoid

so I will do an L move first:

(L) F' U L F'

F2L #2: U L' R U' R' U' L

U' at the end was due to lookahead, preventing very difficult cases, it does not make it much easier though

F2L #3: Y'  U' L' U L U' L' U' L

For the final F2L pair I would probably usually do F' U F U2 F' U' F but there is a better solution:

F2L #4: U2 F' U' F2 R' F' R

OLL: U' r' R2 U R' U R U2 R' U M'

PLL: U R' U' F' R U R' U' R' F R2 U' R' U' R U R' U R (F Perm)

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