How to write a review of a product on our site

How to write a review of a product on our site

Feb 12, 2021

I welcome all legitimate reviews of our products to help other customers to make decisions about what cube to get.

You do not need to have purchased the product from, most of our products are not produced by us so are available elsewhere, as long as you are sure it is referring to the same product, I welcome your review.

If you have purchased from I would like to thank you, it is always a pleasure to serve the speedcubing community.

To write a review you can include as little or as much detail as you want, we welcome all reviews as long as it is not obvious spam - that will be removed.

To submit a review just find the product on our website, you can search for it with the search bar at the top, you can then scroll down below the description and click 'write a review'

Be honest in your review, if a cube is bad then say so, we hope none of the cubes we sell will really be deserving of very bad reviews though, we stopped selling the shengshou MrM 6x6x6 and 7x7x7 because it was so terrible! This is a short review I wrote for the 6x6x6:

'This cube is an absolute disgrace, it should never have been released. I average 1:50-2:00 on 6x6x6 and have an official 1:55 Mo3 and when I use this cube my times are around 3:30. It is not even fully magnetic, just the 3x3x3 stage. It is an absolute disgrace of a cube that should never have been released.'

This was the YouTube review I made:


It actually got a fair number of views!

A better cube such as the YJ MGC 7x7x7 can be reviewed more positively:

This cube is quite fast and after some decent lubrication performs excellently, it is faster than the Spark but possibly slightly less stable, it feels a bit like an improved version of the AoFu GTSM retaining some similarities, it comes with good corner cutting but is slightly bigger than the spark. I have got some of my best 7x7x7 solves on this cube and consider it my current main 7x7x7.


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