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My quest to solve the GIANT 9CM cube in under 10 seconds!

My QiMeng Plus 9CM 3x3x3 speedcube has drawn a lot of attention at speedcubing competitions so I thought it would be a fitting challenge to actually try and solve it in under 10 seconds, what happens in the end is far more shocking than I could have imagined! In the process I magnetized the cube with 96 magnets, I ultimately decided not to proceed with core-corner magnetization, although in hindsight I probably could have done and it probably would have improved it. Certain fingertricks are far more difficult on the 9CM cube due to its absurd size but the cube itself is a decent speedcube with pretty good cornercutting, I discovered that MU slice U and Z perms were faster than the RU ones which is not the case for me on normal sized 3x3x3s and I simply sought to maximise my turning speed as much as was possible as I was obviously turning slower so could have good lookahead.

You can buy a QiMeng Plus here

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