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speedcubing news 24/5/2023

The speedcubing competition in the UK last weekend was in Stevenage, this was the 2nd of the 6 Stevenage competitions planned this year, it seems that there is always at least one competition every week, and many weeks over the summer may have multiple competitions in the UK, including next weekend with one in Hampshire and one in Glasgow.

At Stevenage May 2023 there were not too many interesting results, however, we did have Tymon Kolasinski there to break some records. He broke his own European Record single with a time of 3.85 seconds, this is his 3rd sub-4 single meaning he now has the most sub-4 singles of anyone.

Daniel Partridge achieved an average of 1.82, further lowering his own national record, this places him 12th in the world.

At other competitions we had a new south American record for 7x7x7 single with a time of 2:06.00 by Gabriel Santiago Velez Gonzalez at Nacionales Colombia 2023

Yucheng Chen of China broke the 3x3x3 Multi-blind Asian Record with 51/54 solved in 57:49 at May MBLD madness Singapore 2023, at the same competition, Kaijun Lin from China broke the 3x3x3 Blindfolded average Asian Record with an average of 18.40.

And finally, Hill Pong Yong Feng broke the 5x5x5 Blindfolded single world record with a time of 2:19.07, this is the first time in around 5 years that Stanley Chapel has not held the world record for this event, it is interesting that both Stanley Chapel and Kaijun Lin seem to have switched their focus to 3x3x3 blindfolded and left the bigger blindfolded events up for grabs.

In cube release news we have a few good puzzles:

Diansheng have finally released their magnetic gigaminx and I should hopefully receive stock of them soon.

The QiYi M Pro has been released, unfortunately I only currently have it available in stickered but the stickerless version will hopefully be available soon.

The YJ Tick Cage is an interesting new game from YJ, details are available on the product page.

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