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speedcubing news 9/6/2023

This is late but I doubt anyone reads these anyway.

Last weekend there were two small competitions in the UK; one down in Exeter and one up in Peterborough.

The only national record at these competitions was the Megaminx NR average which Sean Moran got with an average of 33.13, he seems to keep creeping the NR down.

Seung Hyuk Nahm from South Korea had a very good day of competing at Selangor Ace Cubing 2023, he got the 5x5x5 average Asian record of 39.67, the 6x6x6 single (1:09.39) and average (1:15.82) and 7x7x7 average of 1:53.79! Will he break any of Max Park's world records?

Michael Tripodi from Australia broke the 4x4x4 blindfolded single Oceanic record with a time of 1:36.29 at Side N Blind Narre Warren 2023

Charlie Eggins from Australia broke the 3x3x3 blindfolded average Oceanic record with an average of 15.51 at Side N Blind Narre Warren 2023, he is 3rd in the world and catching up to Tommy Cherry!

Ryan Pilat broke the Square-1 world record single with a time of 3.73 at CubingUSA Heartland Championship 2023

Jayden McNeill tied the 3x3x3 Fewest Moves world record with a mean of 21.00, he seems to be more consistently good compared to Cale Schoon as Cale Schoon only has 2 results in the top 15, whereas Jayden McNeill has 5, however Cale's are both 21.00s, it will be interesting to see who first breaks 21 and who wins at worlds 2023.

For cube releases, the QiYi M Pro is finally available in stickerless, it is a decent budget cube which some people may like (a classification that so many cubes meet these days)

FanXin have released their own timer, it might end up being cheaper than some others, it had better be good.

YuXin are releasing a rabbit cube to go along with their other large animal 2x2x2s

QiYi have got a website called One-think which is certainly not ready for release yet but suggests they are planning to release some smart cubes and timers, there is a picture of a new QiYi Timer design on the website.

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