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Voiceover Review of RS3M 2020 - Theo Hall

Thank you to sponsoree Theo Hall for making this review!

Incredible; Brilliant price

This cube comes with a slight matte finish on the pieces, which I at first was not a huge fan of, however it is quite subtle and slightly helps me grip the cube. The cube comes in bright colours that are easy to contrast.
The tensioning system is similar the the WRM, it is simple, easy and works really well. The magnets are subtler than some other cubes, however still aid turning. I have tried adding stronger magnets but I feel the cube becomes too heavy and too clicky. It corner cuts well, there is just about a point where it won't turn, but I have never had that situation while solving.
The cube feels fast and quite smooth, and clicky in that it makes a noise while turning. I set it up with gravitas and dignitas lube on the core, then dnm-37 and mystic on the pieces, helping it be fast but still stable and controllable.
This cube is absolutely incredible for any level of solving, I think everyone should buy this cube. If you want a budget cube that is good, buy this, and cube to replace an old not-so-good cube? - buy this, a cube that is one of the best on the market? - buy this! There are some cubes that some people prefer, such as the Gan 11m pro, but that is personal preference, and ultimately this cube competes with cubes 5-6 times the price. Easy 5/5


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