My crazy 9.02 official 3x3x3 average at Weston-Super-Mare Spring 2022

Posted by Daniel Evans on

I did not expect an average like this but it somehow happened, the scrambles seemed easy and I seemed to be executing them really well, this average now puts me 25th in the UK and 1108th in the world! It also equalled the 3x3x3 one handed world record average at the time... Less than an hour later, Patrick Ponce breaks that OH world record average with his crazy 8.70 average! Solve 1: 8.55 (already PR single) Solve 2: 10.75 (back to normal I guess?) Solve 3: 7.33 (PR by over a second) Solve 4: 9.74 Solve 5: 8.77

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