QiDi S2 2x2x2

QiDi S2 2x2x2

Jan 18, 2021

QiYi are now updating their budget non-magnetic line, this new 2x2x2 looks likely to perform nicely for a £4 budget (which is probably how much it will cost but unconfirmed as yet). It is 50mm which is still the standard despite QiYi's two latest flagships being 51mm and comes with the normal vivid QiYi budget colour scheme which is quite distinct from the standard stickerless scheme, the red is really pink and all of the colours are brighter. It also comes with very frosted plastic as have their previous budget lines, I will await to see how good this cube will be, hopefully I can attempt to order it in before Chinese New Year but I doubt it.

Here is QiYi's video about it:

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