QiXing S2 7x7x7

Posted by Daniel Evans on

QiYi are updating their non-magnetic budget line, previously budget non-magnetic 7x7x7s have all been rubbish so I hope this will perform well, although I simply cannot see a non-magnetic 7x7x7 performing too well, QiYi's last non-magnetic flagship, the QiYi WuJi, was probably the best 7x7x7 from September 2016- September 2018 but simply does not stack up against the magnetic flagships we have today. I simply cannot see a 7x7x7 with their budget frosted plastic performing well at all but I hope to be proven wrong. QiYi are also mentioning that this cube has distinct unreflective shades which help when solving in low-light conditions, I may well test that out when I get this cube.

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