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RS3M 2021, Gan Mini M Pro + more due on Friday

I am very pleased to announce that my restocking is due on Friday, this will include some very exciting new products that I really should have got in stock quite a while ago. The RS3M 2021 is a new variation of our most popular cube ever, the RS3M 2020, it features magnetic levitation instead of traditional springs, where repelling magnets are used for tension in the cube, I suspect this will reduce lock-ups and make it quite fast, this may be similar to my old idea from a few years ago of putting magnets on top of the screws to make the cube feel very loose without it actually being loose. The Gan Mini M Pro is really just a smaller version of the Gan 11 M Pro so should not be too exciting but may be great for cubers with smaller hands, next month I should be getting the Gan 12 which will be much more exciting.

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