Yuxin little magic 3x3x3 M

Posted by Daniel Evans on

I have been solving the yuxin little magic M for a few days now and have probably done about 500 solves on it, it is certainly not just a magnetic version of the original yuxin little magic, it has some distinct mechanism changes and pieces cannot be interchanged between the two cubes. This is somewhat humorous in that it is marketed as a magnetic version and is significantly changed whilst gan has released the same cube 5 times and a mini version and markets them all as distinct cubes. The cube itself performs very well, I have been able to average pretty consistently sub-11 with it which is basically PBs, I also got a 7.34 full-step solve which I'm not sure if it is full-step PB. It is very snappy, just like the original yuxin little magic and does occasionally suffer from some minor lock-ups, despite it theoretically having full corner-cutting (35-55ish). It is a very nice feeling and I do think it will compete very well against all the other budget cubes, I recant my original scepticism and I think that's basically because it's had design changes. I hope to soon produce a review on it but the MGC 7x7x7  is due first.

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