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market trading is coming back

while it seems likely that most school christmas shopping fairs will be cancelled this year we are still going to try and run market stalls in the run up to christmas.

Last Saturday we were reasonably successful at epsom market for the first time this year and the first stall that was worthwhile since March, I entertained many people and promoted cubing to them, hopefully at least some of them will learn to solve a cube and become speedcubers. Occasionally I get to talk to people who are cubers and I give them the opportunity to solve on the tournament display (and sometimes attract an audience).

That weekend may be the last warm weekend though, it seems unlikely that it will be warm enough again this year, I need to be able to stand there in my t-shirt to be successful. I may try and go to the St Nicholas Centre in Sutton (where I was in the photo) soon as that has previously been pretty successful. Hopefully then we will be able to promote cubing further.

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