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YJ MGC 6x6x6

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The YJ MGC 6x6 is YJ's flagship 6x6, since its release in 2019 it has cemented itself as the best 6x6x6 speedcube on the market according to most speedcubers. It is fast but still smooth and reasonably stable and is considered by many to be better than speedcubes almost twice the price such as the Shadow V2M.

size: 65.0mm

item weight: 175.2g

total weight: 315g

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Customer Reviews

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Fantastic puzzle

If you are just starting out on 6x6, the MGC is the great choice at a reasonable price and high quality. It can be quite fast once lubed and comes well-tensioned out of the box (don’t loosen it unless you are experienced or it WILL pop), only popping and catching occasionally. Out of the box, it feels slow but after a few solves, it really starts to improve. I personally have no issues with the YJ MGC 6x6! Setting it up is definitely worthwhile though – as cube size increases lubing it well becomes more important.

Great cube I would reccomend

Although I've had a quality issue with the mgc 5x5 (probably yj themselves) This cube has been great and although this is my first 6x6, I must say for the amount of moving pieces it turns well, although I will have to put some cubicle weight 3 lube on it as I beleive it feels a bit dry out of the box but again, I'm not too familiar with big cubes yet and it may just need breaking in more.

Sam Hudson
Really good cube

The cube is set up great out of the box. Turns really fast and easily as well as great corner cutting for a 6x6. Definitely the best choice on the market