MoYu RS2M Evolution

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The MoYu RS2M Evolution is an update on MoYu's original RS2M, it is 50mm in size, has 48 magnets to help improve the smoothness and fluency and also features a dual adjustment system. It has a concave ball structure inside which helps to make the cube light, it also has an improved anti-pop mechanism

Customer Reviews

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Perfect little cube

Over the moon with this little twisty puzzle. It’s smooth right out of the box. I’ve literally not changed a thing. Although, I’m not an experienced cuber, so it’d probably do better for me with some adjustment I just don’t know about that stuff, but I can’t complain at all.

Cliff Lawson
You can always trust Moyu

I have several Moyu 3x3 so when I wanted to try 2x2 then a Moyu RS2M was the obvious choice and I'm happy to say that, as I plough my way through Ortega I was quite right to choose RS2M. It has a lovely feel and unlike 3x3 where magnets are required to help alignment this just turns naturally anyway. BTW one curious thing you'll find after an hour or two on a 2x2 like this where the cubbies are getting on for 1" ^3 is that switching back to 3x3 the cubbies there suddenly feel ridiculously small and toy like - weird. Oh and if you are trying 2x2 then while you can do "beginners" which just involves a ton of sexy moves I'd take a look at Ortega straight away. If you always form the complete 1st layer (intuitively) it reduces to 7 OLL algos and just 2 PBL (really PLL) algos which even a decaying 60 year old brain like mine can commit to memory!

Phoenix Stevens
rs3m evo

It was pretty sluggish out of the box, to be honest I didn't like it much, but when I set it up myself it became a great performer.

Dominic Carey

MoYu RS2M Evolution